WordPress in AWS micro istance

I am currently running this wordpress blog in AWS micro instance to see how it goes.

I find some issues.

Atelease once in a week I can not connect to phpmyadmin using master password.

When I check the phpmyadmin folder I see that config.inc.php does not contain password or anything.

Added them back and fixed the issue.

Another issue I find is I can not restart mysql server.

It gives the following error

Stopping mysqld: [ OK ]
MySQL Daemon failed to start.
Starting mysqld: [FAILED]

I have restarted the EC2 instance, then restrated apache and mysql, everything is back.

It looks like the MySQL database crashed because the micro EC2 instance that I was using didn’t have enough processing power to handle the wordpress queries. This is a basic wordpress blog without much plugins, so looks like micro instance is not good enough to run wordpress.

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